Technical Spec´s PayShield 9000 *

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The Thales payShield 9000 is a hardware security module (HSM) built specifically for payment security that generates, protects and stores encryption keys and customer PINs based on globally recognized encryption standards. It incorporates a market-leading combination of high resilience features, extensive diagnostics, cryptographic performance and most importantly independent security validation.

payShield 9000 offers functionality to support the latest card scheme payment applications for contact chip, contactless chip and mobile secure elements and focuses on supporting evolving standards from leading industry organizations including PCI SSC, Global Platform and Multos International. Customers have flexibility in choosing the best performance model and base software package for their specific needs, maximizing investment and lowering costs.

Thales payment hardware security modules (HSMs) are the most widely deployed and integrated globally with all leading payment application software. Customers trust Thales HSM technology to help deliver a secure issuing and processing environment essential for credit and debit card transactions.

 Key Benefits

Simplified audit compliance leveraging existing FIPS and PCI HSM certifications

Lower operating costs enabled by robust remote management

High resilience features maximizing device uptime

Flexible and secure key component management using the Key Management Device (KMD)

Capacity planning simplified by built-in utilization statistics

 Key management standards supported

Thales Key Block support (compliant with ANSI X9.24; superset of X9 TR-31)

X9 TR-31 Key Block support

RSA Public Key

DUKPT for PIN and data encryption

Master/Session Key Scheme

Racal Transaction Key SchemeAS2805 support

 Host connectivity

Asynchronous (v.24, RS-232)

TCP/IP & UDP (10/100/1000 Base-T) – dual ports for resilience


 Cryptographic algorithms supported

DES and Triple-DES (two and three key)

RSA (up to 2048 bits)

FIPS 198-1, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2

 Financial services standards supported

ISO: 9564, 10118, 11568, 13491, 16609

ANSI: X3.92, X9.8, X9.9, X9.17, X9.24, X9.31, X9.52, X9.97

X9 TR-31, X9 TG-3/TR-39, APACS 40 & 70, AS2805 Pt 14

 Certifications / validations

Cryptographic module certified to FIPS:140-2 Level 3, 46, 81, 180-3, 186-3, 198PCI HSM v1

APCAMEPS (in progress)NIST SP800-20, SP800-90(A)

 Management facilities

Graphical User Interface (GUI) option for standard PC hardware over Ethernet - local and remote modes supported

Key Management Device (KMD) option to form keys from components

Console interface for “dumb” terminals

Clustering using Thales Security Resource Manager (SRM) application


Built-in error logs

 Card payments support

American Express/MasterCard/VISA PIN and Card Verification functions

EMV 3.X and 4.X transactions and messaging (inc. PIN Change)

Remote Key Loading to NCR, Diebold and Wincor-Nixdorf ATMs

Europay Security Platform (MasterCard stand-in processing)

Integration with all major payment authorization and switching applications

 Security features

Two-Factor Authentication of security officers using smart cards

Dual physical locks and/or smart cards control authorization levels

Tamper-resistance exceeding requirements of PCI HSM and FIPS 140-2 Level 3

Detection of cover removal in addition to alarm triggers for motion, voltage and temperature

Device ‘hardening’ - ability to disable functions not required by the host application

Audit trails

 Physical characteristics

Form Factor: 2U 19” rack mount

Height: 85mm (3.35”)

Width: 478mm (18.82”)

Depth: 417mm (16.42”)

Weight: 7.3kg (16lb) with single PSU, 7.5kg (16.5lb) with dual PSU

Electrical Supply: 100 to 240V AC Universal input, 47 to 63 Hz. Dual power supply option on all models for resilience

Power Consumption: 100W (maximum)

Operating Temperature: 0 deg C to 40 deg C

Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

 * All specifications are subject to change