Products for Datacommunication and IT-Security

WAN Adapter, X.25 Adapter, X.25 XOT Gateways and Interface Converter.

WAN Adapter, X.25 Adapter, GatewaysNetwork Technologies Dtld. GmbH supplies high quality, high performance WAN Communications Gateway Appliances, Adapters for PCs and Servers used in a business environment and also products for IT-Security and Data-Encryption. The company, established and registered in Germany since 1998, boasts a highly prestigious international client list.

We select the products we take on very carefully, only choosing those for which there is a genuine business need and which show the potential to grow and expand. Our company policy is to continuously invest in new products and the enhancement of existing product lines, ensuring that, as new communications technologies emerge, we have the products that customers require. We carry out exhaustive product evaluation and testing, prior to adding new solutions. Our Product selection is based on technical excellence, robustness and reliability. To complement the standard products we also undertake product customisation, consultancy and custom development of software.


FarSync WAN products:

We supply the world's largest range of high quality intelligent WAN PCI, PCI Express, USB and PCMCIA adapters with TCP/IP access and a SDK (Software Development Kit) to allow easy integration by OEMs and the assurance of continuity of supply and support that OEMs require. Drivers are provided for Windows and Linux.

FarSync X.25 products:

We supply the world's largest range of intelligent X.25 PCI, PCI Express, USB and PCMCIA adapters and also XOT access products. They are all supplied with an X.25/XOT Developers Toolkit. Drivers are provided for Windows and Linux.

FarLinX Gateway products:

We have an excellent, modern range of Appliances for X.25 and XOT network access and Gateways between TCP/IP and X.25 networks. The range of products is constantly being expanded, our customers can expect further new releases of communications cards, protocol support and appliances every year.


FarLinX Connect Mini

FarLinX Gateway Connect.
An HDLC to TCP Converter and HDLC over TCP Bridge.

WAN AdapterWith FarSync WAN products
we supply the world's biggest range of USB, PCI Express, Universal PCI & PCMCIA bus communications adapters with E1, T1, X.21, V.35, RS232, EIA530, RS422 & RS449 WAN interfaces for synchronous and asynchronous operation.


FarLinX Gateways

TCP/IP to X.25 Gateway
products for fast dependable inter-connection of TCP/IP, XOT & X.25 networks.

X.25 AdapterWith FarSync X.25 products
we supply the world's biggest range of X.25 adapters and XOT software for PCs, Servers and Laptops.


The FarSync Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) in USB and PCIe versions
provides a comprehensive, simple to use, line testing utility for asynchronous and synchronous lines.