XOT Gateways and TCP to X.25 Gateways

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X.25 <> TCP GatewayFarLinX X.25 Gateway    

The FarLinX X.25 Gateway is a TCP to X.25 Gateway supporting XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) and TCP/IP to X.25 data format translation and connection routing for handling all your X.25 to TCP/IP migration requirements. Featuring routing between TCP and X.25, data conversion, XOT capability, a Triple-x PAD, Host PAD and an extension for special POS protocols all at a very affordable cost, the FarLinX X.25 Gateway fits the bill.

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X.25 <> TCP Mini-GatewayFarLinx Mini Gateway   

The FarLinX Mini Gateway is the smallest member of the FarLinX Gateway range, it can handle your smaller scale single X.25 line to TCP/IP migration requirements in a very cost effective package. It offers many of the same features as in the larger FarLinX X25 Gateway range but at a lower price and in a more compact enclosure. The Gateway supports XOT to X.25 switching, X.25 to TCP data translation and connection routing, TCP to XOT, a Triple-X PAD, and a Host PAD.

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